100 Romanian Design Objects
”Adesgo” stockings
Category: Clothing design and accessories
Production period: 1926 – present
Produced at: ”Adesgo”, Bucharest
Other models: ”Diamond” range
Materials: Lycra, cotton, microfiber
“Adesgo” entered the Romanian market in 1926, when the german Arthur Drechsler opened the first factory of socks and woman’s underwear in the country, on Șerban Voda Street 220. After the Second World War, following the Potsdam conference, the rights to the German company “Adesgo” were transferred to the Soviet government, the factory being returned to the Romanian state only in 1954. After that, in 1962, the export of synthetic fiber stockings began, and then the trouser – stocking is created, which no longer required garters and was warmer.
The company was taken over by the ”Argaman Industries” group in 2002, avoiding the fate of many old factories that were disbanded after the revolution. That is how it is today one of the most long-life Romanian brands: almost 100 years old. It is a trademark of tradition, with an outstanding time-resistance, that has adapted to changes in fashion. In 2014, the shaping lingerie collections (made of cotton and microfiber) were born. “Adesgo” is the largest manufacturer of women’s tights in Romania and has a production capacity of over one million pairs per month.