100 Romanian Design Objects
Aerodynamic automobile
Category: Auto and Transportation Design
Production period: 1922 – 1924
Produced at: Germany – bodywork produced in a Berlin workshop, , carburetor at „Arthur Haendler Co”, car starter produced by „Eisemann”
Designer: Aurel Perșu (1890 – 1977)
Aurel Perşu attended the ”Technical Superior School” in Berlin-Charlottenburg and at the beginning of the 1920s he studied the aerodynamic shape of moving bodies applied on cars. In 1924 his first car with the correct aerodynamic shape is patented in Germany. He refused to sell the patent to General Motors and Ford because they did not commit to serial production. He continued his career in Romania at Politehnica School, and in 1938 he became the general manager of the airplanes factory I.A.R. Braşov.
The design of the car was inspired by water droplets, hence the usual name of “Raindrop car”. The car could reach the speed of 80 km/h, remarkable for that time, when the cars did not exceed 20 km/h. The front is more bulky, housing the passenger compartment, and narrows to the rear, encompassing the engine and gearbox. In 1969, Perşu donated the automobile of the National Technical Museum “Dimitrie Leonida”, after having traveled with it 120,000 km from Germany to Romania.