100 Romanian Design Objects
”Albalux” Washing machine
Category: Domestic and electronic appliances
Period of production: 1961 – 2008
Produced at: “Cugir Mechanical Factory” (UM Cugir)
Other models: “Albalux1”, “Albalux10”, “Albalux11”, “Albalux21”, “Automatic” etc.
Material: Metal components and plastic accessories
The history of Cugir Mechanical Factory dates back to 1799, when the steel manufacturing workshops were founded in Cugir by the Austro-Hungarian authorities. The quality of the steel produced here was appreciated both inside and outside the Austro-Hungarian Empire borders. Besides sewing machines, washing machines and general tools, the factory has been producing military equipment – especially during the second World War. The production of semi-automated laundry machines began in 1961 at the former “30 Decembrie” Factory with “Albalux1” model. The series grew by producing superior models, up to “Albalux10” in 1972. After 1980, automatic washing machines under Italian license were introduced. Since 2008, “Albalux” is out of production. Today, Cugir manufactures different products for NATO.
Maria Bacs, from Alba Iulia, tells the story of her 35 years old “Albalux” washing machine, named “Marița”. “It works as well as 35 years ago when I bought it. Then, I took it because I needed it, and now it seems I wasn’t wrong. I was lucky too, because it never broke in so many years of operation.”
Photo: commercial „Almanahul Femeii” 1965