100 Romanian Design Objects
“Arhitectura” Magazine
Category: Graphic design and advertising
Production period: 1906-1944 / 2011 – present
Produced at: The Society of Romanian Architects / Union of Romanian Architects
In 1906, the magazine appeared after a long absence and, not accidentally, in a moment of grace of the history of Romania and, of the enormous cultural effervescence occasioned by the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the reign of King Carol I. During the 110 years, “Architectura” is published in 391 numbers.
It is a prestigious publication in the field of architecture, that will replicate and reorganize repeatedly, generating several series, changing the editorial board, program platform, periodicity, general graphics and cover, fonts, tones and even ideological and stylistic orientation. The covers vary between drama (1906), baroque complexity (No.1 of 1916), absolute sobriety (1926), art-deco essentialization (No.12 of 1938), or vague graphic indecision (1931- ’33). There were editions with thin paper or cardboard, with austere or opulent chromaticity (No.12 of 1938 has a thick cardboard cover, in a metallic bronze color), with archaic, art-deco or classic-roman fonts.
Photo: Cristian Vasile