100 Romanian Design Objects
”Arnela” Bag
Category: Clothing design and accessories
Production period: 2014
Designer: Cristina Bâtlan
Produced by: Musette
Material: Leather
Established in 1992, Musette quickly became one of the most successful Romanian companies in the fashion industry, combining quality with contemporary design. In 2010, the company opened a store in New York, followed by other locations globally. Today, Musette has 28 stores, of which 14 in Romania, and the rest in Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Hungary, Israel, Mongolia, Lebanon, Paris and Vienna. The company had a turnover of almost 17 million euros in 2017.
The Arnela bag range has the perfect size for a day of office or a light weekend. It is one of the defining bags for Cristina Bâtlan – the founder and artistic director of Musette, being an urban, resilient and versatile object.
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Object selected by: Glamour Romania
Photo: Musette