100 Romanian Design Objects
”ARO 24” Vehicle
Category: Auto and Transportation Design
Production period: 1957 – 2003
Produced at: ”S.C Aro S.A”, Câmpulung Muscel
Other Models: IMS series, 10x series, 24 series, 3xx series, 4xx series
”ARO” (Auto România) was an off-road car producer founded in 1957 – the factory made 380.000 vehicles and more than half were exported in 110 countries. This off-road vehicle was withdrawn from the Romanian market in 2003, while in Czech Republic, ARO was produced until 2013. In the first years, after the production of components for the Russian “GAZ 69” vehicle, the factory starts production of the “IMS-57” model. A number of 914 vehicles were produced between 1957 and 1959, most of them were manually assembled. The first models were exported in China and Columbia.
”ARO24” series was produced after 1975. People who work in the field used to say that Mercedez-Benz off-road series was inspired by the ”ARO” design. “We took ARO24 on several tours and exhibitions around the world. Japanese people used to film it and photograph it non-stop, saying that it was the most beautiful car out there!” explained Nicolae Zgorcea, the engineer who contributed to developing the ARO vehicle.
Object donated by: Lucian Chiricuță
Photo: Cristian Vasile