100 Romanian Design Objects
”Berlescu” Automobile
Category: Auto and Transportation Design
Production period: 1935
Designer: Alexandru Berlescu
Col. Alexandru “Alecu” Berlescu was in the 1930s one of the most famous characters of the Monte Carlo Rally. The prototypes with which he has participated in the rally are still considered to be the strangest appearances in the centennial history of the competition.
The car is a modified “Ford V8” with a special double-skinned bodywork, tracksuits, and skis on the front wheels, designed by Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Berlescu. The body was made of aluminum at the SET plant in Bucharest. The car participated with the crew of Barbu Neamţu and Alexandru Berlescu himself at the Monte Carlo Rally from 1936. He ranked 13th out of 105 participants. He has also participated in several rallies and competitions over time. It is considered the most original car ever to participate in the Monte Carlo Rally.
Photo: Radu Comșa