100 Romanian Design Objects
“Brumărescu” style bench
Category: Furniture and lighting
Production period: 1920-1930
Produced at: Furniture workshops from the interwar period
Materials: Turned, carved, cut, pirogravated and painted wood
Particularly characteristic of Bucharest’s early 20th century interiors, was the so-called “Brumărescu Style”. Dumitru Brumărescu (1872-1937) was a prolific inventor, a pioneer of aviation and in other fields. To finance his research he “invented” and produced original furniture with traditional influences. Specific to this furniture, which was widely spread in the interwar period, were small tables, pieces made with medieval or peasant influences, black wood and colored inlays. The chairs were made in a medieval fashion, upholstered with fur. Other objects like banquets, massive libraries and flower stands were manufactured in the same style.
The bench is a representative piece for the “Brumărescu” style. It has a massive, rectangular shape, with straight armrests and tripartite backrest. The entire surface is decorated with geometric small incisions, stylized vegetable and solar motifs. The high back is decorated with three pirogravated medallions, representing rustic scenes: an oxen carriage, a peasant girl carrying water, a shepherd playing the whistle. A representative piece for the “Brumărescu” style.
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