100 Romanian Design Objects
”Bucium 3” Radio
Category: Domestic and electronic appliances
Period of production: 1978
Produced at: “Tehnoton”, Iași
Other models : “Univers”, “Solo”, “Milcov”, “Bucur”, “Cosmos”, “Gloria” etc.
Materials: Wooden case, quadrant and other components made from plastics and metal
“Tehnoton” is a factory founded in 1972 in Iași that was producing household appliances and industrial machinery. Until 1989 it became one of the main producers of radios, tape recorders and magnetic tape recorders and was exporting its products to France, USA and even Japan. “Tehnoton” was also producing private TV systems and maritime radio communications equipment for Romania and other Eastern European countries. The company was privatised in 2000 and became part of ”Omega-Tehnoton” group that specializes in metal and plastics manufacturing, as well as production of electronic devices.
”Bucium 3” is a model of radio with pick-up that was first produced in 1978. What is interesting from a design perspective is how the frame became smaller due to a slot in the back that allows the vinyl to be easily spinned.
More information:
Object donated by: Ion Cojocaru
Photo: Cristian Vasile