100 Romanian Design Objects
”Carpați O.N.T” Bus
Category: Toys and Objects for Children
Production period: starting with 1963
Produced at: ”Metaloglobus” Factory, București
Other Models: ”Turistbus”, ”Turist”
Materials: Metal, rubber, plastic
One of the most famous products made by the Romanian toy industry is the ”Carpați O.N.T Bus” (O.N.T stands for ”National Tourism Office”). Its story begins at the mechanised toy factory called “Joy of Children”, where the first version of the toy is assembled in 1963. A year later, the factory is dismantled and the entire production line moves to the “Metaloglobus” (armament factory); Here, the original prototypes suffer small design changes.
In the early ‘70s, a production line for the UK was created: the bus was painted in yellow and blue, the side inscriptions are changed to “Turistbus” and the quality of the paint increases. After an international success, the quality of production decreases in the ’80 due to materials shortages, so the bus is renamed again to “Tourist”. The plastic version is also launched – “O.N.T. Carpati”. The exhibited toy was produced during the ‘70s. Today, the toy travels – literally – all over Europe, in the hand luggage of its owners.
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Object borrowed by: The museum of toys
Photo: Cristian Vasile