100 Romanian Design Objects
Mechanical alarm clock “Victoria”
Category: Homeware Products
Period of production: 1969
Produced at: Clock Factory “Victoria”, Arad
Other models: Table clocks, wall clocks, cuckoo clock
Materials: Metal and other mixed metal, plastics, synthetic rubies
The first clock factory in Romania was founded in 1951 at Arad. Once the communist regime was instituted, the local watchmakers were brought together in a cooperative that had the objective of fixing different objects (pens, radios, as well as watches). A few years later, the first Romanian clock is born – followed by a local design & production line, and in 1961 “Victoria” Clock Factory is born, which will start producing clocks under the brand “Victoria” and, later on, “Aradora”.
The clock was saved from the dusty basement of an old building in Bucharest’s old center, before the space was renovated to become a night club (that soon closed its doors). On the back of the clock – besides the logo, number of rubies used for the mechanism and the inscriptions “N.I. [Norma Internă] 25397 – 69” which indicate the tehnical specifications and the production year – the name “RADU” is scratched.
Object borrowed by: Iris Șerban
Photo: Cristian Vasile