100 Romanian Design Objects
Ceramic Bowl
Category: Household items
From collection: Old geometries
Production period: 2013
Produced by: De Ceramică
Designer: Mădălina Teler
Other models: cobalt, blue, red
Materials: porcelain, pigments and non-toxic glazes
Through her work, designer Mădălina Teler tries to redeem her fascination for architectural elements and her passion for ceramics. The patterns are inspired by architectural elements like fences, decorative grids or railings, traditional reinterpreted motifs, or pure imagination. The ceramic material used is porcelain, burnt in two stages, a first biscuit burnt, and a final combustion of 1250°C. Between the biscuit and the final burning the decor with non-toxic ceramic pigments is made under the glaze.
Handcrafted and painted, the “Old Geometry” collection is inspired by an architectural feature that most of us do not pay too much attention to but has a very clear purpose: it sets the limits of our intimate family space. The inspiration comes from the humble Romanian fence, from traditional to modern, and up to its modern version, the window grille, with its various models.
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Object selected by: Dizainăr
Photo: Dizainăr