100 Romanian Design Objects
China figurine
Category: Homeware Products
Production period: the ‘80s
Produced at: “ARPO” Factory, Curtea de Argeș
Other models: China figurines, cutlery, tea and coffee sets
Materials: Porcelain
The homeware porcelain factory “ARPO” was founded in 1974, and the annual production volume exceeded 18 million products per year, 75% of which was exported. More than 120 models of household products – dinner services, tea and coffee sets, cups, plates, vases and figurines – were leaving Curtea de Argeş for Europe. In 2009, the factory was closed.
There was a time when the figurines would live in every cabinet, on every table or TV of the Romanian houses. They are out of fashion now, but in antique shops there can still be found figurines of all kinds – ballerinas, animals, fishermen. There were models that formed a collection, or the same series in many different colors. Many of ARPO’s products were unique, being hand-painted, which of course increased their value.
More information:
Object borrowed by: Andra Giuglea
Photo: Cristian Vasile