100 Romanian Design Objects
Cisnădie Rug
Category: Homeware Products
Production period: 1920 – 1989
Produced at: Carpet Factory “Covtex” SA , Cisnădie
Materials: Wool, flax, hemp, natural fur
In Cisnădie, the history of weaving is centuries old. A flyer made by the Front of Socialist Unity and Democracy cites a document from 1323 which describes Cisnădie as being a vast region whose inhabitants are great masters of wool weaving. In 1513, the wool weaver craftsmanship is born and in 1873, The Guild of Wool Weavers is established in Cisnădie. Moreover, the first vocational textile school was founded in 1888, in the same region. During the communist regime , the textile industry developed massively and Cisnădie became ‘the city of textile’. The carpets produced at ‘Covtex’ were famous not only in Romania, but also the world, being exported from Japan to Russia, United States and Italy.
Some 30 years ago, one would have to get registered and wait for as long as 10 years in order to pay as much as for a Dacia car. It was worth more than a medium salary and its value lifted one up on the social ladder. Carpets were also being made at Iași and Alba, but Cisnădie was truly an extravagance.
Photo: historia.ro