100 Romanian Design Objects
”Cobra” computer
Category: Domestic and electronic appliances
Production year: 1985 – 1990
Produced at: “Institute of Computer Engineering and Informatics”, Brașov
”Cobra” prototype, the first Romanian computer produced in Brașov city, was ready after a year of research, in 1896. The project team was made of 8 researchers lead by prf. Dr. Toacșe Gheorghe. The hardware was the work of Vasile Prodan, Wagner B.Hansgeorg and Adrian Maxim, while the software was the work of Marcel Arefta, Sorin Finichiu, Mircea Pop and Sorin Cismaș The case of the prototype is different from the model which was produced later on – it had a different shape, dimension and logo and a sensorial touchpad. The common model was launched in 1988.
”Cobra was special at that time because one could copy data using a floppy-disc. Other computers used audio cassettes with a magnetic band. The computer weighted 1,5 kg and the external floppy-disc was 15 kg”, explained Adrian Maxim, coordinator of the technical team. The computer had a real success, the only problem was the lack of financing. ”We gathered money from other research contracts to fund the prototype. After several struggles with the Bucharest Institute, we started to produce the computers with the help of CFR – Romanian Railways Brașov”
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