100 Romanian Design Objects
Romanian cobza ”Hora”
Category: Musical Instruments
Production period: 1970s
Produced at: ”Hora Musical Instruments Factory”, Reghin
Materials: wood, metal
During modern times, the small Romanian city of Reghin enjoyed a rapid development, due to numerous wood resources in the area. Romanian ”Cobza” resulted from the musical and construction experiments after the second World War. The instrument is indeed a very authentic brand of Reghin factory.
It is a traditional musical instrument, used in the past century in rural or urban folk music bands. Inspired by the form of Arabic music instruments (oud), ”cobza” is different because of its structure and a very unrefined, yet natural way of playing music. This instrument in our collection was made by ”Hora” factory in the 1970s. While it takes after its traditional rural ancestor, the model produced in a factory was more resistant, a modern version adapted to singing in an orchestra. All the colours, cords and details were the same, a characteristic of standard design.
Collection: Sașa-Liviu Stoianovici personal collection
Barrowed by: Sașa-Liviu Stoianovici
Photo: Cristian Vasile