100 Romanian Design Objects
Ceramic Origami Crane
Category: Homeware products
From the collection: Împăturiri (Folds)
Production period: 2012
Production: Alina Ceramics
Designer: Alina Constantin
Other models: 3 sizes
Materials: porcelain
Alina Constantin has been working with ceramics for over five years – more precisely with porcelain, her favorite material. She especially creates home decorations; she started the brand with a series of porcelain Origami Cranes, and then she developed more functional products – especially kitchen objects.
“Împăturiri” (”Folds”) Collection features an unlimited series of decorative cranes imagined to be use in interior spaces. The origami shape of the traditional Japanese crane, a symbol of peace, inspires the geometry of the object. The porcelain crane is an object of a fragile and solid character at the same time, highlighted by contrasting colors and matte or glossy texture. The objects are made with the porcelain casting technique, but each piece is unique due both to the many wing models that the designer has combined differently and to the different sizes of the pieces and the various shades of blue.
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Object selected by: Dizainăr
Photo: Dizainăr