100 Romanian Design Objects
Coffee set
Category: Homeware Products
Period of production: 1970s
Produced at: ”Apulum” Porcelain Factory, Alba Iulia
Materials: Porcelain
Porcelain objects have been produced at Alba Iulia for over 40 years, and ”Apulum” is one of the largest factories in the country. Founded in 1970, it was the largest porcelain producer during communist times – so you could find porcelain kitchenware or decorative objects in all the homes or even hotels in those times.
Today, the company exports most of its production (16.000 tons annually), being one of the biggest porcelain suppliers for IKEA worldwide. From September 2010, it also became an official supplier of the Royal House of Romania.
The coffee set for two persons consists of a plate with two coffee cups with holders in the shape of a leaf, a sugar serving dish and a pot.
Photo: Cristian Vasile