100 Romanian Design Objects
“Cristal” TV
Category: Domestic and electronic appliances
Production year: 1963
Produced at: “Electronica”, București
Other models: “Cosmos”, “Național”, “Tonitza, “Luchian”, “Grigorescu” etc.
Materials: Wooden case, metallic pieces, plastic and glass
Back in 1960 the ”Radio Popular” factory was turning into ”Electronica Factory” due to a major investment. In 1963, after the launching of several new TV models the factory was launching its weekly ”Electronica” magazine. Ten years later, the Romanian TVs were exported in Germany, Holland and USA, and in 1960 in Austria, Switzerland and Great Britain. The factory had an intense activity until the Romanian Revolution: a wide range of home appliances, electronic and industrial products such as TVs, radio players and cassette players were made here. All of these products were exported all over the world.
The ”Cristal” TV was a black-and-white model running on lamps. It had a wooden case to avoid the risk of electrocution, not like the first factory-made TVs, that had metal casings. The few buttons allow image clarity adjustment, channel search, contrast and brightness control.
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Photo: Cristian Vasile