100 Romanian Design Objects
“Cutezătorii” Magazine
Category: Graphic design and advertising
Production period: 1967-1989 / 2006 – prezent
Production year: 1981
Produced at: Consiliul Național al Organizației Pionierilor”
Illustration: Puiu Manu
Other models: “Arici-Pogonici”, “Luminița”, “Cravata Roșie”
”Cutezătorii” was a weekly magazine for children and teenagers. It first appeared on September 1967, in communist Romania and was last released on the 21st December 1989, a day before the fall of Ceaușescu’s regime. The magazine was published by the ”National Council of the Pioneers Organization” – a communist ensemble of Romanian children aged 8-14. In order to reach the council you would have to first be part of ”Șoimii Patriei” and ”The Union Of The Communist Youth”.
Puiu Manu was the oldest active cartoonist in the world and the most prolific comic book author in Europe. He would publish in all of the children magazines on the market: ‘Arici-Pogonici’, ‘Luminița’, ”Cravata Roșie” and ”Cutezătorii”. ”I would get the scenario for ‘Cutezătorii’ on Thursday, and the drawings had to be done by Saturday”, Puiu Manu recalls. ”Cutezătorii” was a 12 page (30×24 cm) soft covered magazine.
Photo: Cristian Vasile