100 Romanian Design Objects
“Dacia 1300” Automobile
Category: Auto and Transportation Design
Production period: 1969 – 1982
Produced at: “Piteșt Automobile Plant”
Other models: “Dacia 1310”, “Lăstun”, “Logan”, “Duster”, “Sandero”, “Dokker”, “Lodgy” etc.
The construction of the Mioveni plant started in 1966. After a license agreement with Renault was signed, in 1968 “Dacia 1100” model was produced, followed in 1969 by “Dacia 1300”. Between 1970 and 1980 a whole range of models will be developed, that will include several types of passenger and utility vehicles. “Dacia 500 Lăstun” is manufactured between 1988 and 1991 at “Tehnometal” Timişoara. In 1995, “Dacia Nova” is launched, the first car designed 100% by Romanian engineers. In 2012, a new factory in Tangier, Morocco. Today, “Automobile Dacia S.A.” is the largest Romanian car manufacturer, belonging to the French group Renault.
The name “Dacia 1300” comes from the 1,289 cc engine, which, with some variations, lasted for 20 years. It was a family car with four doors and five seats, being the most popular model in the Romania communist era. When people bought a Dacia, they knew it would be their car for many years, and stories about adventures, repairs and holidays exist in almost every family.
Object donated by: Lucian Chiricuță
Photo: Cristian Vasile