100 Romanian Design Objects
”Dădârlat” Hats
Category: Clothing design and accessories
Production period: 1896 – present
Produced at: “S.C. Dădârlat Hats SNC ”
Materials: Wool, rabbit hair, felt, etc.
In 1896, Ion Dădârlat set up a family business in Săliştea Sibiului. At that time, the Romanian craftsmen fought with the Saxon or Hungarian competition and with the rigid rule of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. For more than a hundred years, the hats made by the Dădârlat family have crossed the border in many countries, especially after 1989. Numerous patterns were produced – monks hats for Mount Athos, Canadian police hats, Bavarian, Tyrolean, hats for foresters, shepherds, but also modern hats. Sandra Dădârlat says that King Carol I himself received a hat from Ioan Dădârlat.
The classic male hat or “Fedora” became popular in the early twentieth century. It is currently one of the most popular and sold models. The hat with large brim and small rounded cap, was carried in Transylvania, in the Land of Năsăud and Lăpuș, to Mărginimea Sibiului. The small shape of the hat worn today, is introduced more recently at the end of the nineteenth century.
Object donated by: „S.C. Pălăria Dădârlat SNC”
Photo: palariadadarlat.ro