100 Romanian Design Objects
Desk Lamp
Category: Furniture and lighting
Period of production: 1960s
Produced at: ELBA factories, Timișoara
Materials: lamp shade, arm and support made from metal
In 1884 Timișoara was becoming the first European city with electrical public lighting. It is therefore not a coincidence that the first Romanian company that produced lighting objects was born in the same city and continues to be a benchmark in its field. With a tradition of almost 100 years, “ELBA” is the most important national producer of light fixtures. In 1921 the factory was running under the name ”DURA”. In 1923, a new company is born – ”Rudolf Kissling and Son” that in 1925 becomes ”LUMINA” – the Romanian Factory of Chandeliers and Metallic Goods and in 1930 the two companies merge into ”ELBA”. After nationalization, it functioned under the name ”Electrobanat” until the 90s. In 2010 the company opened a new modern factory in Timișoara and is developing partnerships with other international players such as the one with Phillips in 1997.
The lamp produced in the 60s is quite large, following the trends of the times, with filament bulbs and a simple, industrial look and feel.
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Photo: Cristian Vasile