100 Romanian Design Objects
Makeup removing milk ”Doina”
Category: Graphic design and advertising
Production period: 1965 – present
Produced at: ”Farmec” Cluj Napoca
Materials: plastic
“Farmec” is the largest cosmetics manufacturer in Romania and an important one in South Eastern Europe. In 1889, laboratories ”Molnar Moser„ were born in Budapest. Only 54 years later, in 1943, the small ”Mol-Mos” laboratory is detached in Cluj-Napoca. “Farmec” was founded in 1945 in Cluj-Napoca and privatised in 1995. In 1967, the factory became the first producer of lotions and emulsions “Gerovital H3” by Prof. Ana Aslan, and in 1969 produced the first spray type products in Romania. Among the most famous brands of the company are “Gerovital H3”, “Ecovital”, “Farmec 16”, “Triumph”, “Nufăr”.
In 1965 is produced for the first time “Doina Milk “, which is still the best selling cleanser in Romania, It still has same composition, ingredients and the packaging, and, after many years, is one of the brands that passed the test of time. “The fact that it was good for everything made Doina a very popular product,” explains the company’s representatives. The longevity of the product is explained by the emotional luggage it carries, passed from one generation to the next, as a family product.
Photo: farmec.ro