100 Romanian Design Objects
Electric Locomotive 060 EA
Category: Auto and Transportation Design
Production period: 1963 – 1991
Produced at: S.C. “Electroputere Plants” S.A., Craiova
Other models: LE 5100 kW electric locomotive, LE 5100 kW electric locomotive (Class 40)
“Electroputere” is a Romanian company based in Craiova, which manufactures electric voltage devices, motors, generators, electric transformers, railway vehicles (electric locomotives, diesel electric locomotives, electric frames), urban vehicles, equipment for drilling installations. Founded in 1949, it is one of the largest industrial companies in Romania. Most electric locomotives used by CFR are built by “Electroputere”, known as the 060-EA type. Thanks to a significant volume of investment, cooperation with companies from Switzerland, Sweden, France, Germany and Italy, the brand “Electroputere” has become known in more than 100 countries.
The locomotive has Swedish origins, produced since 1966 at “Almana Svenska Electrica Actiebolaget” (ASEA). In Romania, electric traction was introduced in 1963, when technical tests began, and in 1966 the first such locomotive circulated in Romania. The “Electroputere” plants bought the license in 1970 and started to produce the locomotive until 1991, when the plant was in action for maintenance and upgrading. It was the only type of locomotive suited to heavy altitudes at 80 km/h.
Photo: trenulete.ro