100 Romanian Design Objects
”Finca” Sneakers
Category: Clothing design and accessories
Production period: 1969 – 2009
Produced at: ”FINCA” Factory, Drăgășani
Materials: Textile, rubber
In 1967 started the construction works for the ”Rubber Sole and Footwear Factory” (”Finca”); it came into operation in mid-1969 and produced lightweight consumer footwear: sneakers, bassets, street and house slippers, as well as protective footwear (waterproofing boots for miners), electrically insulating, sports and fishing boots. It was a pride for the workers the fact that in 1972 their factory produced the footwear for the competitors at the Munich Olympics.
The company produced the only sport shoes available on the Romanian market before the 1990s: the Drăgăşani snickers. Middle class shoes, not elegant at all, those sneakers awaken nostalgia, because they are not to be found today – the factory went bankrupt in 2009, after a long decline after the ‘90s.
With a minimalist design and youthful, playful details, the Drăgăşani snickers had become the symbol of an entire generation.