100 Romanian Design Objects
”Flacăra” Literary Almanac
Category: Graphic design and advertising
Production period: 1911-prezent
Production year: 1988
Produced at: ”Flacăra” Editorial
The first issue of ”Flacăra”, a literary artistic and social magazine, was released on the 22nd of October 1911 by ”Socec” publishing in Bucharest. It appeared on Saturday. On the 10th of December 1921, liberal Constantin Banu releases a brand new series of the magazine. Between May 1952 and May 1953, ”Flacăra” has a monthly appearance, while between June 1953 and 1957 it is released twice a month. First ”free” issue (outside the communist regime) appears on the 24th of December 1989 with the caption ”Journal of citizen thought. Special edition.” Throughout the years, the magazine had a relevant input within the literary and artistic movement and many famous contributors. In October 2001, the graphics go through a radical change along with the editorial concept. The 2009 rebranding addresses the needs of a modern and relevant reader.
The 1988 Literary Almanac is a 25 x 15 cm, 325 page soft covered magazine.
Photo: Cristian Vasile