100 Romanian Design Objects
“Flaro – Vega SM” fountain pen
Category: Toys and Objects for Children
Production period: the ‘70
Produced at: Flaro Prod. S.A., Sibiu
Other models: “Vega”, “Pionier”, “Univers” fountain pens, “Milenium” pens, pen mines etc
Materials: plastic, metal
Flaro” Sibiu is the most famous office supplies producer in Romania. In 1922 the company “Gratioza” started its activity. In 1950, together with “Artalith”, another small enterprise, it’s merged under the name “Red Pennant”. “Flaro” is the name adopted after 1990. It is part of ”RTC Holding” group since 2005 and also provides customer service in the automotive and electronics industries; investments in the production plastics and metalworking.
Today the world uses less fountain pens, and more ballpens, which slip more easily on paper and are easier to maintain. In the old days, writing with the pen was not only common but also a symbol of elegance, and the pens produced at “Flaro” were very popular, including among students. The most common models were the black ones, but there were also silver, gold, coloured, or patterned models. The company logo was usually printed on the cap end bolt or on the side.
Photo: Cristian Vasile