100 Romanian Design Objects
Food scale
Category: Homeware Products
Production period: the ’70s
Produced at: “Balanța Factory”, Sibiu
Other models: kitchen scales, medical scales, industrial scales
Materials: metallic body, glass dial
The history of the first romanian scale factory begins in 1896, when Johann Michael Hess opens his first blacksmith workshop in Sibiu, and then inaugurates the “Hess Scales Factory”. In 1930, inherited from father to son, the factory becomes a company: “ The First Scales Factory in Romania SINC”. In 1937 it’s name changes into “Hess Factories”, but after the 1947 nationalization it becomes again “Balanța Factories”. They produced scales for every use, from household to railway scales, selling in Romania and abroad, especially in the Balkan countries and Egypt. The production lines were frequently modernized, and the first Romanian electronic scales were made here.
All the grandmothers were using scale for cakes, it was omnipresent in the supermarkets and certainly many children were weighed on such scales. The supermarket model, for the counter, worked like a weight scale for weights up to 1kg. For quantities up to 20kg, graduated metal weights were used, which were placed on one of the equalizing trays.
Photo: Cristian Vasile