100 Romanian Design Objects
Gas Laser (helium-neon)
Category: Engineering Design
Production period: 1963
Produced at: “Institute of Physics” Bucharest, Optical Methods Laboratory and Nuclear Physics
Inventator: Ion I. Agârbiceanu (1907-1971)
The first gas laser in Romania was made by Ion I. Agârbiceanu, the son of the writer Ion Agârbiceanu. One year after the invention of the first laser in the world, by Professor T. Maiman, Ion I. Agârbiceanu was to enter the history of physics. In 1963, the scientist made the first gas laser (helium-neon) with infrared radiation, with the help of his team. By focusing a monochromatic light beam, he obtained high radiation densities on small surfaces, with applications in various fields. For his scientific merits, he was named member of the Romanian Academy in 1963. He worked in the European Atomic Spectroscopy Group, and was the representative of Romania at the “International Union of Pure and Applied Physics”. Between 1955 and 1971 he was the chief of the Department of Physics at the “Polytechnic Institute” in Bucharest. “In the amphitheater were he was teaching, the front seats were always occupied. Students from mechanics, electronics, and cybernetics faculties came to see him, “said a former student.
The laser invented by the Romanian researcher has been patented and appreciated by physicists around the world. Romania was the fourth country in the world to have a laser at that time.
Photo: Arhiva Istorică Agerpres