100 Romanian Design Objects
Glass vase
Category: Homeware Products
Production period: 1980s
Produced at: “Glass Factory” S.A., Turda
Other Models: Glass glasses, plates, ashtrays, chandeliers etc.
Materials: Colored, blown and hand-decorated glass
The glass factory was founded in 1921, the most important shareholder being the “Central Bank for Industry and Commerce” in Cluj, which held 75% of the shares. The construction lasted for a year and started on the land offered by Simon Mendel, the owner of ”Turda Beer Factory”. At first, the factory had one melting furnace, and after 3 years, two other ovens were built. A vocational school was founded for young people in the area. The factory is modernized after the war and has, until the 90’s, a flourishing period. Thousands of tons of glass were produced for domestic trade and export.
The red or blue glass vases had a multitude of shapes and sizes, being some of the most popular decorative objects of the 1970s and 1980s. They were offered as gifts at birthdays or weddings, and most oftenly, were found in people’s homes in more than one copy.
Object donated by: Georgia Klebleev
Photo: Cristian Vasile