100 Romanian Design Objects
”Gloria” Radio
Category: Domestic and electronic appliances
Period of production: 1980s
Produced at: “Tehnoton”, Iași
Other models: “Univers”, “Solo”, “Milcov”, “Bucur”, “Cosmos”, etc.
Materials: Plastic and metal
“Tehnoton” is a factory founded in 1972 in Iași that was producing household appliances and industrial machinery. Until 1989 it became one of the main producers of radios, tape recorders and magnetic tape recorders and was exporting its products to France, USA ,Japan. It was also producing private TV systems and maritime radio communications equipment for Romania and East Europe. In 2000 it became part of ”Omega-Tehnoton” group.
The ”Gloria” radios were extremely well received in the 80s. ”Tehnoton” had biggest production in Romania, with 3.500 radios sold per day. The biggest obstacle in the production process was the delay of receiving the components from Bucharest. ”The radio was made of no less than 1.200 pieces! The great majority were send to our competitors. We had to wait for weeks until they could send us the pieces and work in 3 shifts so that we would not miss the night planes”, said Emil Păvălescu, the former director of the factory.
Object borrowed by: The Romanian Peasant National Museum (Communism collection)
Photo: Cristian Vasile