100 Romanian Design Objects
Category: Graphic design and advertising
Classification: Humanoid
Production period: 1956-1986
Designer: Ion Popescu-Gopo
Other characters: The Disobedient Duck, Marinică, The Mean Hedgehog
Ion Popescu-Gopo was a Romanian plastic artist, the creator of countless cartoons in which the main character was “Gopo”.
Gopo little man, or, more simply, the Man, the creation of Ion Popescu-Gopo, is a nude humanoid with simple lines that brings to question the problems of the contemporary world. The first success of this character was the Palme d’Or in Cannes, received in 1957 for “Short History”.
The animation begins with the presentation of the Universe, where the planets were encased in the sun’s hair loops. On the Earth, the animals appeared. As a result of the tremor caused by a dinosaur, a monkey fell from a tree, breaking its tail. When it got up from the ground, it was seen as a little man. This long-haired humanoid, with a serious and naive expression, with thin hands and legs and rounded belly, won the hearts of both spectators and animation creators. He anticipated the conquest of space and the first human steps on the moon. Launching into the Cosmos with a rocket, five years before Iuri Gagarin, he became the first “man” to travel in space.
Photo: gopo.ro