100 Romanian Design Objects
”Guban” shoes
Category: Clothing design and accessories
Production period: 1937 – present
Produced at: ”Chemical Plant Guban”, Timișoara
Materials: leather, eco leather, plastic, tunit
The history of ”Guban” begins in 1935 with a single employee and a shoe cream. The invention of Mr. Blazius Guban gave him the opportunity in 1937 to lay the foundations of “Guban”. In 1952, the factory is donated to the state, and Blazius Guban becomes director for life. In 1954 began the plastic production and in 1959 the footwear production. In 1963, the name changed to “Victoria Footwear and Plastics Factory”. After the death of Blazius Guban, his son Tiberiu Guban, followed his father’s role. Today “Arta Guban” continues the history of the Romanian brand.
The legend says Guban shoes were worn by the US President Harry Truman, Sophia Loren, King Michael I, Tudor Arghezi, Gheorghiu-Dej, Nicolae and Elena Ceaușescu. Over the time, Blazius Guban, with his experience as a chemist, is campaigning for quality products. For 25 years, he improves the superior boot cream, which extends with 50-100% the durability of shoes. At present, the 80 models of women’s shoes “Guban” are still 70% manually manufactured.
Object donated by: Andra Giuglea
Photo: Cristian Vasile