100 Romanian Design Objects
“Haplea” Movie
Category: Graphic design and advertising
Year appearance: 1927
Directed by: Marin Iorda
Script: Marin Iorda / Nicolae Batzaria
Haplea is an animated film made in 1927 by cartoonist Marin Iorda, after Nicolae Batzaria’s script. “Haplea” is the oldest Romanian cartoon that has been preserved. To create this 300-meter film, the author needed a year of work. As a character in cartoons, Haplea and his friends (Coana Frosa, Hăplina and Hăplişor) appeared in several magazines and printed press, such as “Children’s Morning”.
The premiere of Haplea was scheduled on the first Christmas day of 1927 at the Bucharest Capitol Cinema, where the film continued to run until the end of January 1928. The premiere of the film, especially the one from Cinema, were enthusiastic. The film was preserved in the National Film Archives collections, where there is a well-preserved copy, 320 m long. The film was made using a Charles Urban & Co. film camera bought by Aurel Petrescu.