100 Romanian Design Objects
IAR-11 CV Airplane
Category: Engineering Design
Production period: 1930-1931
Produced at: „Romanian Aeronautical Industry” Plant, Brașov
Designer: Elie Carafoli and Lucien Virmoux
Other Models: IAR-12, IAR-13, IAR-14, IAR-15, IAR-16
Materials: metal,wood
IAR-11 CV is the first plane with a 100% Romanian concept, designed and production. Designed by Elie Carafoli and Lucien Virmoux – a French engineer detached in Romania during the interwar period to support the development of the domestic aeronautics industry. A low-wing, monoplan military jet, the plane was a prototype and was not mass produced.The initial tests were successfully carried out in France, and in December 1931 the speed record trial was unsuccessful. However, the airplane generated a suite of improved models, following the same design line: one of them is the IAR-14, the first Romanian aircraft serially produced.
The first IAR 11 prototype bears the initials of the design engineers. The object exhibited is a miniature reproduction of IAR 11-16, offered as a protocol object in the era and most likely used as a press-papier.
More information:
Object borrowed by: Cristian Dumitru (The museum of toys)
Photo: Cristian Vasile