100 Romanian Design Objects
”ICOS” tableware
Category: Homeware Products
Production period: 1923 – present
Produced at: ”ICOS” Sibiu
Other models: Kitchen tools, dishes, wood objects for the kitchen
Materials: stainless steel, wood, steel
“ICOS” Sibiu is a company that manufactures cutlery, kitchen knives, wooden products for kitchen, timber and wood products. The company’s history begins with the establishment in 1651 of the Austrian company “Redtenbacher”. The factory in Sibiu was established in 1923 as a Romanian-Austrian joint venture called “Simon Redtenbacher Seel Wwe & CO – The First Romanian Knife and Steelwork Factory”
The craft of working with steel, as well as the standards imposed by the Western rigor, lead to a wide range of luxury products and have attracted the admiration of important names from the interwar period. The products made meet the highest requirements of quality and execution. Among the company’s clients were, along with famous restaurants in the era, the Royal House of Romania. At present, most of the products are trademarks of “OSIM”, which proves the company’s concern for maintaining and improving the quality of its products and image.
Photo: icos.ro