100 Romanian Design Objects
”Ideal” Vacuum Cleaner
Category: Domestic and electronic appliances
Time: 1971 – 1977
Place: ”Electroargeș”, Curtea de Argeș
Other models: ”Practic” Vacuum Cleaner
Materials: Plastic, metal
”Electroargeș” produced over 20 million vacuum cleaners, basically one for each Romanian citizen. In 2007, the factory released the vacuum cleaner with the number ”1milion”, belonging to the new generation of devices, in collaboration with the German group ”Kaercher”. Before the Romanian Revolution, „Electroargeș” used to be a symbol of a fruitful economy, with thousands of employees and a great variety of products. Aurel Ilea, the director of the factory between 1971 and 1977 says the first vacuum cleaner was produced in 1973. Nowadays, the factory produces almost exclusively for ”Kaercher” factory who sells the products under their own brand.
”We used to produce 2 types of vacuum cleaners – Ideal & Pratic. They were made with the contribution of an electronic engine factory in Timișoara and they were sold for 700 lei. I remember I bought one for home and my wife was very pleased with it”, explains Aurel Ilea.
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Photo: Cristian Vasile