100 Romanian Design Objects
Ion Creangă – ”Fairy tales” Record
Category: Graphic design and advertising
Production year: 1988
Illustration: Ion Druga / printed at ”Polygraphic Enterprise București”
Produced at: ”Electrecord”, București
In 1932, Nathan Mischonzniki trades old machinery, from Germany to Bucharest. These old tools will be used for the making of ‘Electrecord’, a brand new vinyl record factory. Missing a private studio, the factory would copy records from abroad, while Romanian songs would be recorded in Germany, at ‘Kristall’. The 70’s are known for better quality records and the release of tens of thousands of copies compatible with mono pickups while the annual production reaches 6-7 million copies, during the 80’s. ‘Electrecord’ was practically ‘the soundtrack of Romania’, for decades.
This record with fairy tales by Ion Creanga contains 4 stories: ‘The Goat with 3 kids’, ‘The Little Purse with Two-Halfpennies’, ‘The Bear Tricked by the Fox’, and ‘Human Stupidity’. The cover is a graphic representation of ‘The Goat with 3 kids’, such a familiar cultural image for Romanians everywhere. They are read by Ion Caramitru, a most loved Romanian actor.
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Photo: Cristian Vasile