100 Romanian Design Objects
JET-EM home computer
Category: Domestic and electronic appliances
Production period: 1990s
Produced at: Electromagnetica, București
Other models: JET with white, blue, yellow external case
Materiale: Metal, plastic
JET-EM was a home computer designed for playing games on TV. Its initials are an acronym for the phrase “electronic games on TV”, along with the name of the manufacturer – Electromagnetica Enterprise. The device is actually a Romanian clone of the English computer ZX Spectrum, launched by Sinclair Research in The UK in the early 1980s. The JET casing was an adjustment of a landline phone, and its keyboard was made of printed pieces of paper placed inside the transparent keys-caps.
Founded in 1930 as a private workshop specialized in the production of devices and centrals used for telephony and data transmission, the Electromagnetica Society is one of the leading telecommunication equipment manufacturers in Romania and one of the success stories in terms of factory development in the post-communist transition period.
Photo: Cristian Vasile