100 Romanian Design Objects
”Spontaneous Form 3” Lamp
Category: Furniture and lighting
Collection: Spontaneous Form
Production period: 2011
Produced by: Adrian Balcău Studio
Designer: Adrian Balcău
Materials: komatex
Adrian Balcău is an object designer from Cluj-Napoca specializing in lighting design, jewelry design and not only. For him, design means playing with shapes and concepts, telling stories through objects, useful art creation. His design is meaningful and intimate, for he personally works on each object.
SpontaneousForm (SpFo) is a collection of luminaires that were born from formal experiments with a flexible, easy to handle material (komatex – expanded pvc panels with fine cellular structure) that allowed the expressive study of flexibility. The collection was born from the use of both mathematical principles observed in nature and the gold number of Fibonacci. The result was an object created by man, but with an extremely natural, organic and honest look.
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Object selected by: Dizainăr
Photo: Dizainăr