100 Romanian Design Objects
”Liliputan” loom
Category: Homeware Products
Time: 1940s
Place: unknown
Materials: wood, metal, rubber
“Liliputan” (midget) is a word which is not very often used nowadays, but in the interwar period it was a very common name – it meant midget, or a very small person. So ”Liliputan” was a mini-loom, it has a metallic system, wooden arm and rubber ring. People used it in their homes to sue their socks, their sweaters or any other fabrics.
In those times, there was also a dedicate job for that, it was called “remaieuza”. This job does not exist anymore, nor the specific equipment.
The object included in the collection is accompanied by a patent certificate (Royal Romanian Patent) and it was probably produced in 1940.
From collection: Personal collection of Cristian Dumitru
Object borrowed by: Cristian Dumitru
Photo: Cristian Vasile