100 Romanian Design Objects
”Malevich” Tea set
Category: Household items
Production period: 2017
Produced by: Ceramic Sparrow, București
Designers: Andreea Lăzărescu & Tiberiu Dăncilă
Materials: porcelain
Other models: white, pink, blue
Ceramic Sparrow collections consist of unique objects or small series, each piece following a production and decoration process, made mostly by hand. All objects are entirely drawn and manufactured in their own workshop, at very high finishing standards.The designers’ inspiration comes from different fields of art, especially modernism and artistic movements from the beginning of the 20th century, architecture, etc.
Selected in the central exhibition of Romanian Design Week 2018, the new teapot designed by Ceramic Sparrow was drawn in the spirit of Kazimir Malevich’s painting, one of the most important figures in modernism art. The circle and the triangle communicate through a volume that reveals different images when rotating the object; a solution that breaks the monotony of classical rotation and offers dynamism.
More information:
Object selected by: Dizainăr
Photo: Dizainăr