100 Romanian Design Objects
”Marco” Stool & Bar Stool
Category: Furniture and lighting
From the collection: Marco
Production period: 2014
Produced by: Ubikubi
Designer: Dragoș Motica
Other models: available with finishing in the colors black, yellow, red, turquoise, white, blue
Materials: cork, beech wood, beech plywood
Dragoş Motica founded Dragoş Motica Studio in 2008 and then UBIKUBI in 2018, alongside with Robert Savu. Ubikubi has articulated itself as a brand validated by international market, with the “/” lamp and the Marco series of chairs. All Ubikubi objects are drawn and tested in-house and developed using sustainable materials and technology.
Inspired and designed for the urban environment, Marco is a set of furnishings for cafes and bars. Made of cork, beech plywood and beech-wood, Marco is 100% recyclable and eco-friendly. The shape of the seat is inspired by the shape of the Apple gadgets, Marco actually meaning apple – março – in Portuguese. The name was chosen because Portugal holds about 50% of the world cork production.
Object selected by: Dizainăr
Photo: Ubikubi