100 Romanian Design Objects
Meat Grinder, model STAS 4159-58, F8
Category: Homeware Products
Production period: the ’80s
Produced at: ”Flacăra” Enterprise, Ploiești
Materials: Metal, wooden handle
During the Communist era, the “Flacăra” Enterprise in Ploieşti (founded in 1884) was the only domestic producer of meat grinders – for Romanians, a common object you’d see in every household and which accompanied generations after generations. It gradually disappeared from the kitchens: today the meat grinders are electric, the butchers offer chopping services, and the supermarkets offer pre-packed, ready-to-cook minced meat.
“In a joke of the era, a guy from Bucharest finds out that there is meat in Brașov, runs to the station, asks for a ticket for Brașov and receives a ticket to Ploiești. The clerk kindly explains that the queue for buying meat in Brașov starts in Ploiești. The heroes of another joke are a young woman saved from drowning and her rescuer. The girl wants to reward the savior, and the latter asks for a night of her life. After lots of thinking, the young woman finally accepts; enlightened with joy, the man tells her: ‘’amazing, so you stay in line at the meat shop tonight and in the morning my wife will come and replace you. “(SB, ethnologist)
Object borrowed by: The Romanian Peasant National Museum (Communism collection)
Photo: Cristian Vasile