100 Romanian Design Objects
”Mensa Septem” Coffee table
Category: Furniture and lighting
From collection: Massive
Production period: 2011-2012
Produced by: Atelier Ciprian Manda/Silva Artis
Designer: Ciprian Manda
Materials: oak wood, rubber wheels with metal fastening
Ciprian Manda’s professional career began in the office of architect Dorin Ştefan, where he had to deal with complex and interesting projects, which required a great attention to detail and contact with the process of construction itself. His studio was launched in 2010 and the Silva Artis brand in 2011 as a further exploration of shapes and materials. For Ciprian Manda, direct contact with the material matters greatly. The craft that turns a rough plank into a design object is particularly important and sometimes changes the initial idea resulting from a design process. He believes that the details that give the flavor to each piece can only appear from a process that intersects the intellectual process and the physical act of craft.
Clear, purist shapes define the Massive series, the cut beech trunk, dominating the pieces. Suited in a more sober context, objects in the Massive series give class to space, through the luxuriousness of wood.
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Object selected by: Dizainăr
Photo: Dizainăr