100 Romanian Design Objects
“Miss Miraj” Perfume
Category: Clothing design and accessories
Production period: 1973 – 1989
Produced at: “Miraj”, Bucharest (former „Macul Roșu” 1952-1973 )
Other models: “Farmec 16”, “Jubileu”, “Favorit”, “Do Re Mi”, “Domino”, “Idila” etc.
The history of perfumes in Romania begins quite late due to the lack of economic resources or good climate for floral crops. Until the twentieth century, pharmacies were preparing simple fragrances with vegetable extracts. After the nationalization, the “Farmec Cluj” and “Red Poppy” factories appeared. At ”Miraj”, the perfume production was stopped a few years after the revolution, and the company was given the right to produce the “Gerovital” brand. It becomes “Gerovital Cosmetics” in 1998, and after 10 years, it sells the brand to “Farmec”. This meant the end of the former “Miraj” factory, which went bankrupt in 2010.
The fragrances produced at “Miraj’ were of poor quality. Currently, Octavian Coifan is one of the world’s most famous perfumers, the only Romanian perfumer in Paris and among the 400 accredited perfumers in the world. He states that “in general, the notion of Romanian perfume is associated with perfumes made before 1990, with poverty and cheap things.” Shortly before, he was co-opted in the “Borangic” project, the first 100% Romanian perfume.
Photo: Cristian Vasile