100 Romanian Design Objects
”Mobra 50” Motorcycle
Category: Auto and Transportation Design
Production period: 1971 – 1994
Produced at: ”S.C. Metrom S.A” , ”Tohan Mechanical Plant”, Zărnești
Other models: ”Mobra 50 Super”, ”Mobra Hoinar”, ”Mobra-Mini”
The “Mobra” engines were manufactured in the early ‘70s by Metrom Braşov and the assembly took place at the “Tohan Mechanical Plant” in Zărneşti. Founded in 1938, the Zărneşti factory originally produced weaponry and was part of the industrial group “Malaxa”. From 1948 to 1990 the company operated under the name of “6th of March Plant”. In the communist era, here were made the famous “Pegas” bicycles, “Mobra” mopeds, accessories for machines, tools and welded metal constructions.
The name “Mobra” came, of course, from “Motorcycles Braşov”. The story of Romanian motorcycles is similar to many other stories of the socialist industry in Romania. They were by no means the best products, but they were the only ones. “Mobra 50” had a two-stroke single-cylinder, air forced cooling, 4CP and 2.5 liter/100 km consumption. The suspension had hydraulic shock absorbers and the gearbox was four-speed. The motorcycle also had a saddle for two people and a lock on the handlebars. The purchase price at the launching in 1971, was 6,325 lei.
Photo: veteran.ro