100 Romanian Design Objects
”Mociornița” footwear
Category: Clothing design and accessories
Production period: 1923 – 1948
Produced at: ”Leather and shoes Factory D.Mociornița”, Bucharest
Other models: Travel goods and haberdashery, belts, sports goods, cream and shoe wax
Materials: leather, duffel
Born in a poor family in Prahova, Dumitru Mociorniţa studied at “St. Peter and Paul” High school in Ploieşti and “Kretzulescu Economic High School”; in Bucharest. Spotted by Ion I.C. Bratianu, he obtained a scholarship at the “Higher School of Commerce” in Bucharest, and then at the “Superior School of Industry”; in Paris. He worked for a while in Hamburg, refused to move to the United States and returned to Romania. He started working for the industrialist Grigore Alexandrescu and married his daughter. Mociorniţa sets the foundations for a career in the industrial field, as short as it was successful, because after the communist regime settled in Romania, he dies in prison.
The factory was established in 1923, with a 30 million lei loan as foundation, and equipment leased from Germany and the UK; it soon became most important footwear producer in the interwar Romania. In 1942, the Romanian industrialist registers the stock company “ Romanian Leather and Fabrics D. Mociorniţa”, appointing his oldest son as a general manager.
Photo: claymoorslist.com