100 Romanian Design Objects
“Montesy” Vase
Category: Homeware Products
Period of production: approx. 1925
Produced at: Montesy Workshops – „Glass Factory”, Azuga
Materials: blown, laminated and sanded glass, etched with acids
The first glass factory in Azuga has been established at the beginning of the 19th century. The influence of the Royal House on the development of the Prahova Valley was felt not only in Sinaia. At the beginning of the 20th century, Azuga was the most industrialized city in Romania. An important moment in the evolution of the ”Glass Factory” was hiring the Italian engineer Emerico Montesy (fr. Henri Montesy) before the First World War. In the glass workshop, Montesy designed „Cameo” style decorative pieces. He is the artistic director of the factory until 1939, the year of temporary closure. Exceptional quality vessels were produced, many of them for export. The pieces are today, in museums of decorative art, private collections and auction houses.
With simple, refined and elegant lines, the exposed vase is made of amber-dyed glass, decorated with a dark brown floral pattern. It is signed with the author’s name and is part of a series of decorative objects with the same characteristics.
More information:
Object borrowed by: prof. Radu Comșa
Photo: blouinartsalesindex.com